Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The new Vee

The net is a-buzz - it looks like we have a new Vee coming!

More pics and information here on Motorcycle.com

So far I like the look - it's still "interesting" like my Vee but it needs a second muffler!  It appears to be slightly more road-oriented as seems to be the trend these days - I wonder if there will be a more off-road biased version too?

Good to see that they've fitted better brakes but will the radials be too much off-road?  I'd love my Vee to have better brakes on the tar but stay as they are for when I'm off road.  One slight touch off-road with radials and you might end up going down in a screaming heap.  Perhaps the ABS system has been designed so that it is usable (or has different modes) off road.

Panniers look small and the RHS one is smaller than the LHS (thanks for that idea BMW) but hug the bike a lot better than mine.  I guess the serious guys will still opt for the flash aluminium jobbies.

I do not need a new Vee, I do not need a new Vee...


  1. Andrew:

    "you do NOT need a new Vee, you do NOT need a new Vee, you do NOT need a new Vee . . ."

    I agree with you about the poor brakes. Many swap out the fronts from the GSXR600 4 piston calipers and I am sure it makes a huge difference. After riding my NU2me "R" my WEE felt like it had NO brakes at all

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    1. Yes I know of the 4-pot conversions but would be concerned if the brakes ended up too grabby off-road. The rear brake is excellent so overall the bike stops fairly well (still a long way off the Connie's anchors).

  2. For *&^% sake just buy it you no you want to......

    1. Well the launch will still be a long way off but if Uncle Rog wants to help with a deposit...

  3. Haha - all this talk of needing deposits - you don't even have to grovel for permission like I do :-(. I'm with Rog!!!

  4. Doh, link not working? (Or not deep linked?). Beautiful beautiful bike. Hmmm, what is the seat heat like?

    I do not need another motorcycle!