Saturday, March 09, 2013

Post TT Farkling

With the Connie performing flawlessly (as usual) on the TT I decided she needed a bit of a reward in the form of some little shiny farkles.  The farkle of choice this time was some heavier bar-end weights from Projekt D.

Standard weight on left, new on the right
The idea behind these is that heavier weights can help to reduce engine vibration through the bars.  Now, the Connie is very smooth once you're rolling but after a long period of time riding at the legal limit I do notice some tingling in my hands.

Unlike some farkles fitting the bar-ends couldn't be easier.  One bolt to remove, a dab of thread lock on the new bolt and then screw the new end on - piece of cake!

I would have preferred it if the ends were black like the originals (the Connie doesn't need any chrome - chrome does not get you home) but they still look ok on the bike.  Hopefully tomorrow I can give them a wee test to see if they have made a difference.

After that little job was done something truly miraculous happened...


  1. Truly miraculous as in - did you wash the DL?

    Hope those bar end weights help with the tingling after a long day. I really hate it when my hands go numb while riding.

  2. Anything for added comfort - chrome or black. You know, she may have vibrated less if you had just washed her first ;)
    Did they make a difference?

  3. Andrew - I like the chrome bar ends, they look rather spiffy. What was the marvelous thing that happened??????