Saturday, March 16, 2013


So today I got to finally take the Connie for a quick run to Napier and back and to see if the new bar-ends have had any effect on vibration through the bars.

First up there was some excitement.  At the first intersection after leaving home I discovered that the right bar-end was a bit too snug with the throttle grip and was not allowing the throttle to return under it's own steam.  I carried on for a bit but it wasn't fixing itself so I decided to stop in at work and perform a quick fix.

I started by removing the bar-end and then trimming a bit of rubber off the heated-grip but in the end I wasn't getting anywhere and the knife I was using was a little useless.  So I ended up scrounging around for a washer to pack out the grip a little - instant fix!  Something to think about next for next time I'm doing any work with grips/bar-ends etc: always check the throttle action when finished!

The ride up to Napier and back was pretty uneventful except for the heat and then roadworks and a cow on the loose when I crossed the Saddle coming home.  As for the bar-ends?  Well, I'm really not to sure - it's been three weeks since I rode the Connie and in the meantime I've been riding the V-Strom with all her chunky vibes...I will say though - she's smoother than the Vee!

They do look nice and shiny though...


  1. Hey even it they don't work, they add a sparkle farkle!

  2. Andrew:

    Your bar ends will appear to work, even if they don't. If you think it is smooth, then it will be

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Glad you got the throttle sorted. A pain when it won't roll off on it's own.

    Hard to compare the vibrations after riding the V-strom for a bit. But like you said, it is smoother than the V, so it's a win.