Saturday, May 04, 2013

A pleasant interruption

This morning I'd been doing a bit of maintenance on the V-Strom (oil & filter change, electrical gremlin chasing) when I got an urgent call.  Apparently I was required ASAP to join Brian and Chris for another outing on the bikes...

Leaving the V-Strom up on her main-stand and partially naked (the bike that is), I scrubbed up and wheeled the Connie out.

Our ride started by making our way out to Colyton and Cheltenham and then onto some great back roads that took us out to Stanway and then eventually back out onto the Halcombe Road.  Here's a wee taste (yes, that is a Harley in front of a Connie):

I knew we were heading up to Flat Hills for lunch and wasn't really looking forward to the ride up SH1 but I was in for a pleasant surprise.  Not long after we had got going up the main road we turned off again onto a new to me road.  Here's Onepuhi and Porewa Roads:

After this nice little diversion we of course did end up back on SH1 for a while but our goal was a nice lunch at Flat Hills and then some sort of decision on the route back home.  In the end no real decision was made so Chris and I just let Brian lead the way and tagged on behind him.  He made a good decision:

The road through from Ohingaiti to Pemberton was in really good nick and somehow Brian and I got away a bit on Chris and had to stop to wait for him.  Then just as we were about to be off again I was taken with an urge:

Well, I didn't actually nick the Trumpy but was given the thumbs up to take her for a wee spin.  It was a lot of fun getting onto something fairly different to the Connie and I particularly enjoyed sampling the sound of Brian's new muffler.

As you can see from the above, we stopped to enjoy the views from the lookout near Kimbolton and for some other reason that escapes me just now...

From Kimbolton it was pretty much game over with just a quiet cruise back into Palmy.  Another great little ride on a perfect Autumn day.  Now to finish playing with the Vee...

A few more pics here.

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