Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Boxing Day races

So, as I mentioned in the previous post I was looking forward to heading over to Wanganui on Boxing Day to watch the racing at the Cemetery Circuit and to catch a glimpse of Guy Martin in action.

I rode over fairly early and found myself a bit of a good spot for taking photos of the action.  Practice and qualifying were in progress and it gave me plenty of time to sort out the camera and start getting a "few" pics...

Classics - guess who is riding with the G plate...
Classic sidecars - this outfit was flying the chair every lap...
F1 Superbike - guess who again...
F1 Sidecars
Pre 89's
Motards being Motards
Formula 2
On completion of the qualifying it was time to get stuck into the racing.  More pictures were taken and there was some interesting action to be seen...

For a bit of a break I went for a roam around the pits and then wandered around the circuit where I ran into a few other locals and tried out a few different locations for pics.


Then it was back into the pits again for another poke around and I stumbled across some dude's bikes being prepared for the next races...

Then it was time for some more classic action:

After this race I decided to take off as I had to pop into work.  On the way back I managed to avoid getting into trouble with all the HP that were out on the road but did however run into three nasty little showers.

All in all a great day out and nice to see our Pommy visitor out having a bit of fun on NZ's most famous road racing circuit.

Lots more pics here or just the best GM ones here.


  1. That looks like a bit of fun. And you got some good shots of GM too which is what you were hoping for.

  2. Great photos there Andrew.
    I just worked with a guy for the last 3 days that was there for the races. He said it was a great day out.