Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The new Vee

One of the first write-ups I've come across on the new Vee: http://canadamotoguide.com/2013/12/02/suzuki-1000-v-strom-launch/


  1. I bought a new to me 2006 Vee in November. It is not a dead of the winter cold vehicle like the FJR is. I almost froze my fingertips off in a below freezing temperatures ride, but it is a lot of fun in the curves! Lovely motor, although brakes need some work, maybe aftermarket pads, stock pads don't seem to have the bite.

    1. The front brakes are definitely not fabulous although I find them ok when off road - no nasty lock-ups in the gravel and front-end sliding out.

      Year round bike here - warmer temperatures than you I guess. That and heated grips and bark-busters...