Saturday, December 06, 2014


Yes, it's that time of the year again and it looks like I'll only get to one Toy Run - our local one run by the Central Districts Touring Club.

As the Connie is getting a ride in tomorrow I decided that the Vee could be my sleigh for the day but rather than decorate it with Xmas decorations like some of the bikes I washed some of the dust of her and pronounced her good to go.  I probably should have washed my riding gear too as it was fairly dusty from the last BRR ride - never mind, it'll rain one day...

After my elaborate preparations I chucked my gifts in the topbox and rode across to Feilding where the ride kicks off.  After some biker road food I parked up and waited for Santa and the rest of the riders to arrive.

2 wheeled pressie delivery systems
There was a bit of waiting around but I chatted with a couple of guys and me ma also showed up so I even talked to her for a bit.  Santa soon showed up on his cruiser and then things started to happen.

No, I don't want to sit on Santa's knee - I want to sit on his bike!
Leaving Feilding we made our way over to Halcombe and then turned Northwards onto Stanway Road.  It was along here that we had a really unfortunate mishap when the lady in front of me went very wide going into a left hander and eventually ran out of road and ended up putting her bike down.  I'm picking she was pretty new to riding as the corner (even though it tightens a little) is pretty gentle and we were probably doing less than 80km/h.

Approach to corner
Bike went in somewhere close to the first road marker in the pic
I hauled up and ran over but she was already getting up and didn't appear to be too badly knocked about.  Her glove had torn and a finger was bleeding a fair bit but others were on hand with a first aid kit to help patch her up while me and a few others dealt with the little 250.

The accident hadn't done too much damage to the bike and we soon got it fired up.  It had however, sheared off the RHS foot peg which was a bit of an issue.  I didn't have all my tools with me (it was a Toy Run not an Adv ride!) but I managed to remove the remaining bits of the footpeg and temporarily fit the passenger peg to the front mount.  It wasn't perfect but at least there was somewhere to put ya foot.

We eventually got going again and did the remainder of the ride at pretty slow pace.  I followed the 250 and there was another hairy moment on one right hander but she made it home safely - she probably needs to rethink riding or get some training in...

Back in town we made our way to the clubrooms where we handed over our pressies and there was a BBQ going etc.  I had a few things to do so just handed my pressies over and hit the road again.

So not the best Toy Run I've been on but at least the rider's injuries were minor and the Barnardos kids will be getting a few presents from some scruffy bikers.


  1. Riding isn't for everyone and sounds like she was one of them. Good chance she will give up after the off. It didn't look like much of a bend.

    1. I've had an email from her since and she is still keen to get back on the road again and to also do some rider training. Hopefully her last little whoopsie.