Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ridge Road Ramble

Last night we got some fairly heavy rain but after a couple of early showers in the morning, things fined up pretty nicely.  As I lay in bed last night listening to the rain I imagined the nice things it was doing to the local gravel roads - the dust would be disappearing and the gravel settling down nicely.  I thought a wee gravel fix would definitely be worth investigating...

So, just after 10 this morning, I had the DL ready and after a quick top off of the tank I headed out of town for the nearest bit of gravel I could find.  This turned out to be Watershed Road and it was a great taste of what was to come.

More gravel on Midland Road took me across to the seal on Valley Road.  But not for long,  I turned off Valley Road and onto Zig Zag Road for more of the fun stuff.

At the end of Zig Zag Road I went left instead of the right (zigged when I should have zagged I guess) I should have taken and ended up running out of gravel on Finnis Road.  I was forced to turn around and scoot back up Finnis Road to carry on with the route that was sort of planned...

On the right track again I finally turned onto Ridge Road which was the main event for the day.  This is a great ride and takes you along either side of a "ridge" all the way through to Apiti.  The road surface was in great nick for most of the length of the road although there was a small section where there was a bit of deeper gravel.  The great views hadn't gone anywhere since last time either...

Towards the end of the road it opens up a bit more and is great fun on the Vee:

In Apiti I was starting to feel a bit peckish so turned back towards home thinking that a bite in Kimbolton might be a bit of plan.

Kimbolton locals

But when I dropped into Kimbolton I could spy some big black clouds heading Northwards towards Palmy.  I decided that I'd rather be hungry than soaking wet so got on the gas and headed for home.

The rain caught up to me along the Colyton-Fielding straight and it got quite wet for a 5 or 10 minutes.  Luckily my worn-out front tyre behaved itself and we safely splashed our way home where I managed to rustle up that lunch I'd been looking forward to.

This was probably my first decent gravel squirt since taking ScooterBob up to National Park and it was a real cracker - the gravel conditions were nigh on perfect and the big Vee really enjoyed the exercise (although it was quite thirsty for some reason).


  1. Would have to agree, I'd rather be hungry than wet. Wish I shared your joy of gravel!

  2. Sounds like another learner ride Andrew. BRR gravel school , where bad habits are taught on every ride