Sunday, November 01, 2015

BRRBT Dreyers Rock and Roll

Today started off fairly early but it did start off very well:

Pinched from 1 of around a million facebook posts...
After celebrating with some breakfast it was time to go and meet up with the BRRBT team for our monthly ride.

Getting to the gas station only Barry was there but we were eventually joined by Colin, Neil and Terry - a smaller mob this time, perhaps the others were still celebrating?

We waited around for a little while just in case there was a few late-comers but in the end it was just the 5 of us who saddled up and headed East.  The weather was great and the roads dry as we tackled the Pahiatua Track and made our way over ot Pahiatua.

From Pahiatua we aimed for Pongaroa and had a great run through to Makuri Gorge and up over the hill.  As always there was plenty of gravel and grit on the road in places, not to mention livestock - there were several ewes (with lambs in tow) on the road and even a bull which gave me a bit of a fright to say the least...

In Pongaroa we had a quick stop to use the facilities and couldn't help but notice all the vehicles outside the pub - I guess they were into replay number 1 of the game...

From Pongaroa we rode South through to Alfredton on 52 before turning off onto the new to me Dreyers Rock Road.  Not a bad little ride it is too...

The morning's ride finished with a trip through Mauriceville and then onto Masterton where it was time to stop for an early lunch.

After lunch the bikes with smaller tanks refuelled and we made our way out of town and back onto Route 52.  Dreyers Rock Road was too good not to try out again so over we went again and then turned North for Eketahuna.  Here we turned East again to make our way back to Pahiatua via Mangaone Valley Road.

By now the weather had packed it in a bit too eh...

Retracing our steps back over the track we were soon back in a very sunny Palmy and home in time well before smoko time.  A nice and summery little ride to cap off a pretty good day!


  1. I am living vicariously through this post. Your weather looks lovely.

    We've received several inches of rain the last few days and the flooding has started. Damn. We went from too hot and forestry roads closed to flooding. I guess we missed the transition.

    1. If it makes you feel better we're expecting rain again this long as it sorts itself out by the weekend...

  2. Yeah the weather looked like sh1t eh....

    1. A definite improvement on what we've had lately...

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Andrew, Have just read your latest blog entry and realised that it was probably your group of 5 that passed us (you heading south on SH52). Saw a silver Connie up front as the group flashed by (my friend Brian was on a black V-Strom and me on a red VFR). It was an absolutely beautiful day to be out riding. We stopped at Pongaroa, then head east down the Makuri Gorge. And yes, your bull was still there on the road (standing in the right hand lane, with his rump over the centre line). He looked calm enough - but I was more concerned about Brian giving it a good slap on the rump as he went past ahead of me, and then high-tailing it out of there .... 8-)

    Enjoy your blog - I don't know the central North Island / Manawatu area that well, so it's always good to read your ride reports. Good photos and video clips.

    Just out of curiosity: Did your riding friend Monie (of VFR fame, and who had a fall on the Capital 1000 a year or two ago) mend up OK? She did say later that she planned to get back riding, but possibly going over to the 'dark side' and getting a Kawasaki Z1000.
    Nils Poulsen

    1. Hi Nils, thanks for the comments. I remember seeing the Vee go through - for some reason I notice them on the road ;)

      Good to hear that the bull was still in a good mood.

      Monie is good now and has definitely gone to the dark side - she will be riding a black Z1000SX on this weekend's C1KC.

    2. Anonymous5:18 pm

      Was not too surprised to see that you noticed the V-Strom (you have a V-Strom as a second machine ?).

      Yes, we were similarly pleased that the bull was still in a good mood. We were surprised to see him wandering about on the road - he was a big boy (plenty of steaks on him).

      Good to hear that Monie recovered ok, and that she is back riding. We were actually doing some reconnoitering for the upcoming Capital 1000 ourselves, to try and avoid getting lost on the day. Fingers crossed for another fine week-end. Safe riding for you and your group. Cheers, Nils

    3. Thanks again, yep, there's a Vee in the shed at the moment but it is for sale.

      I mentioned steaks to Neil over the intercom at the time...

      Hope you have a good ride too and that the weather is good. Say gidday if ya see us. Might send John and co an email about some of the road conditions...