Sunday, April 03, 2016

April BRRBT - And now for something completely different...

Today was our April Black Top ride and in the planning stages I was struggling to think of where to go as we've covered a fair bit of ground since we started having the rides.  In the end I decided to do something completely different...

I came up with a simple route but instead of leading it myself I decided to send out a series of pictures taken along  the route and asking the guys to work it out and lead the ride while I tucked in behind as TEC.  This is what I sent out: I'm lost already...

Come this morning I was pretty sure that people would be able to find the start but when I got there I was first so I grabbed a coffee and parked up to wait.  First to arrive was Russell and he seemed to have a fair idea where we were going - a good start...Next was Rob who was a little more doubtful but had definitely worked out some of the photo locations.  Last to arrive was Brian and he just wanted a ride...

Russell led us out of Feilding and immediately added his twist on the route taking us out Makino Road and then on a roundabout route to miss out Halcombe but eventually bring us back on track when he turned onto Makuhou Road.  From here on he was faithful to my plan.

Riding through to Hunterville from Fordell was interesting as usual - crap on the road, a bull on the road and some wet and slippery bits as we got nearer to Hunterville.  In Hunterville it was time to gas up and grab some lunch.

After lunch Brian led us off up SH1 and got the next turn right to take us across from Ohingaiti to Pemberton and Rangiwahia.  It was a nice ride through here with just a few damp patches in places and the odd fresh obstacle to avoid.

Just before Rangiwahia Rob whistled through passing everyone so I thought I'd better tag along with him just in case he got lost or something...but no, he nailed the next turn and led us on a nice little squirt around the valley and into Ashhurst where coffee was had before we all parted company.

Not as many on the ride this time but I think the different format worked - we'll have to see if I can come up with something different again for next time...

Where we were supposed to go (clicking the icons will show the pictures):


  1. Looks like a stinker of a ride
    Thank you I'm here all night.

  2. Great idea making them guess the route. Looks like a bike wash is in your future.

    1. Perhaps it should be the new format...I can just pootle along at the back...

  3. Mmm... Was that fine looking Guzzi in your group?