Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ending the week properly

Last night was the last Friday night ride of the season and as I hadn't got along to any I thought that I'd better sneak in at least one before they were all over.

There was only Pauly and 1 other rider waiting when I rolled into Courtesy Motorcycles but by the time we were ready to leave there was a reasonable number of bikes and even a trio of 3 wheeled things.

The ride itself was just a short hop through the gorge and back over the track before a pootle down to Linton where there was a nice BBQ waiting for us.  The weather was very nice and the riding very pleasant.  Leaving the BBQ it was hard to just head home - it really was a lovely night and it would have been so easy just to keep going somewhere....


  1. Your rode your bike to a bbq and din't invite me, you bastard lol.

    By the way your maps not working


    1. You never turn up when I invite you!