Monday, June 05, 2017

A chilly loop

Sunday was fairly cold here - not a lot of sun, grey clouds and a definite nip in the air.  But...I needed to get a ride in.

I was keen to pop over and see the old's as Dad had just got a new toy that I needed to check out.  It's about 20km from my place to theirs and that's not a ride so I decided that the Apii Loop needed checking out.

The loop can be a little dodgy during winter.  There is frequently mud and wreckage on the road and when combined with damp/wet patches it pays to take things reasonably quietly.  But, the Connie had other ideas and I had a ball on what turned out to be a loop in pretty good condition.  Here's just a taster...

Oh, yeah, I like the new camera position too!

In Feilding it was time to check out the new toy.  Something a little different this time around...


  1. Nice toy indeed. Thanks for supporting the German economy ;-)

    1. That's his 3rd Beemer but the first with the wrong number of wheels...

    2. NIce and little bit warm to drive than the bike in winter.

    3. Heated seats even...