Sunday, July 30, 2017

E-Bay delivers again

Yep, another package arrived on Friday...

I'd kinda had my eye on those cheap aftermarket levers for a while and finally pulled the plug on a set for the Tenere thinking that at least I'd have a spare set to carry for some insurance while adv riding.

Working out which one is which
A fairly uninteresting farkle I 'spose but they are adjustable (as are the standard ones) and also will flip up (hopefully) if somehow given a bit of a knock.

Flipped up!
Gold adjuster!
It was hardly the most difficult installation I've done but still I was glad for the help and encouragement I got.

Can't you go any faster?
Anyway, they're on now and after a bit of playing I've got them in what seems a reasonably comfortable position.

They are slightly shorter than the originals (but as short as proper "shorties") and I've adjusted them to about position 4 of 6 - they seem to naturally be a little closer to the bars than the originals, perhaps they are a slightly different shape?

Then it was time for a test ride...


  1. They look similar to my Pazzo levers, are they cheap chinese knock offs?
    Even so they look much better than the orginals.

    1. You know me chinese all the way...

  2. oooh shiny black too. Your helper looks like she needs the ball thrown.

    1. Yes, shiny black not dull alloy!

      Helper always needs something...