Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Almost 1,000km...

So, I had the GoPro on all day on Saturday with the aim of getting a heap of photos and stitching them all together for a time-lapse of the day's outing.

But I fouled things up in Wairoa by somehow starting the camera in video mode.  And then in Dannevirke the camera gave up - not sure what happened there.

So I ended up with just over 4,000 photos and a couple of hours of video documenting all but about 60km of our 1,040km.  And here it is...

I may have sped up the video from Wairoa-Tiniroto-Wairoa just a little...


  1. I always enjoy the videos of the photos stitched together. This one really show your changes in the weather.

    1. Yeah, I reckon they're better than endless video. Yes, you can definitely see the weather starting out crap and getting a lot better and then things starting to cloud over a bit towards the end.