Sunday, January 06, 2019

Zumo install #3

Yeah, that's right #3...

Except it's more like: the continued work of Heath Robinson.

I needed to get the GPS up higher on the Tenere as it was blocking the very top line of the gauges.  And because of the little bump in the cradle it wasn't as simple as using the little plate that Dad made up for me for the 550.  Here's what I came up with:

Yeah, the bolts are still too long...
And no, it's not made out of wood - I'm not going to say what it's made of, you'll have to guess...

Front and centre
Now let's compare the before and after:

Ok, the camera angle is not the same but she's bang-on as as far I'm concerned - right chuffed like.

And of course I then had to tidy up the setup on the Connie too:

Need longer bolts...
Not bad for $10 and a little bit of shed time :)


  1. Is it made of bread that you painted black?

  2. Looks like a much better set up, but if not made of almost looks like corrugated metal, but then the edges wouldn't appear that way. Hmmmmm..... Plexiglass/acrylic? I know we can buy it in small sheets at the home improvement store here.

    1. Acrylic would have been nice...Dunno if our home depot stores have that sort of useful stuff...

  3. It looks as if it is some sort of vibration isolation rubber, to help absorb the vibrations from the bike. Sorbothane maybe?

    1. Sorbothane - no idea what that is. Sounds too sexy for my $10 outlay...

  4. So far Chillertek is the closest...

  5. Nope, nothing there looks familiar.