Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Blog Challenge

Fellow blogger Sonja has issued a challenge to post 10 photos taken in 2018 on specific topics.  Geoff has already answered the challenge so now it's my turn...

1. In the city.
Ok, so I hate cities.  Yes, I'm forced to live in one, but I prefer to avoid all the business as much as possible.  But, Whanganui is a city right?  So here's some city bikes (they're only 150's after all) tooling around in the city...

Cemetery Circuit Boxing Day races

2. In the countryside. 
This is more like it!  And the Molesworth (NZ's biggest station) definitely counts as the countryside. 

3. By the water. 
Making my way down to Christchurch for the TT.

4. Something red
A bit of struggle but I believe that behind that red door is a red vehicle...

5. People. 
How about a bunch of Adv bike riding loonies off to visit some tunnels?

New Plymouth ride kick-off

6. Animals. 
Now what to put here?

Honey and her little cousin Sam

7. Plants. 
Trees are plants...

8. Something unusual.
An idiot riding 1,000miles in 24 hours on an R1?


9. Something funny. 
This awesome picture of Ross?

10. Best photo of the year.
Wow, this is a hard one.  And I reckon I may have got a few nice one's on the TT.  But I do like this one, just on sunset above Dunedin.

Edit.  A few more have taken up the challenge:



  1. Great job Andrew - fast too! Really nice photos. Loved the one of Honey and Sam but loved the one of her in your top box even more - she looked so long-suffering! And yeah, the shot above Dunedin is pretty cool!

    1. Yeah, I like the light and colours in that Dunedin pic.

      Sam's probably bigger than Honey by now...probably chasing cows around by now too.

  2. Oh nice one man. I gotta do this one.

    1. And still a little bike rider waits...

  3. And they are motorcycle themed, of course. Thanks Andrew, I'm loving it. Very nice pic of Ross by the way.

    1. Had to be Sonja ;)

      Yeah, Ross (and BMW's) do look better through a muddy lens...

  4. No bike in the “Animal” category. What’s with that?

    Nice job!

    1. I thought I'd break up the theme a little...

  5. I like your pic of The Molesworth (because I have pedalled up, out of Hanmer along that road, then dropped back down Jack’s Pass into Hanmer.
    The photo near Dunedin is also nice. I need to get down that side of the S Isle one day.
    On a totally unrelated note, when is the TT2000 this year? Is there a Kiwi long distance riders website?

    1. The Molesworth is a fantastic ride!

      Just a few weeks until the TT: tt2000.org

      NZ Distance riders here: http://www.distanceriders.org.nz/ or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZLongDistanceRiders/

  6. Great job getting them motorcycle themed. I am surprised your dog on your bike wasn't the animal one. Don't worry, we are all just jealous because you ride so much. Cheers.