Sunday, May 05, 2019

Out with the old...

So, on getting home from the TT2000 the rear E-07+ on the Tenere was looking reasonably second hand and just prior to meeting the Aussie Invasion it decided that it would generate a slow leak.  At 5,500km I was not that impressed - the previous Dakar versions of the E-07 wore a lot better and gave me all the "off road" performance I needed.

So, with not more Dakars available I decided swap from Mitas to a new Motoz Tractionator GPS - whew, what a mouthful.  These are pretty interesting in that you can fit them in either direction, with one direction supposedly a 50/50 tyre and the other more off-road oriented.  I decided on the 50/50 orientation as the big girl doesn't do true off-road.

Possibly another 1k left in the old one but not much good in gravel.
Trying to compare chunkiness

Anyway, after the usual blood, sweat and tears the tyre is on and I may have even had a test ride today...


  1. Ah yes, there's just something about new rubber, the feel, the ride, the satisfaction of mounting and balancing them yourself. Good job!
    That's a pretty aggressive tyre, I imagine with the new addition to the family that the Super Ten will see even less off road?
    My new to me Tiger came with an extra set of slightly used Mitas E-07, which I'll mount on the old Tiger before my new pavement princess.

    1. The Tenere will stick to gravel and sealed roads with the little WR tackling all the nasty stuff.

      Pavement Princess? No way man, get her dirty. The 800XC I rode was great on the gravel!