Monday, March 22, 2021

Big water pumps

 So, no ride this weekend but yesterday Colin, Dad and I shot across to Whanganui to watch some jetsprints.  Awesome day out listening to some great music - mostly angry V8's but there was a solitary nissan 6 there howling away and going very well.

Only a few boats ended up out of the water (all right side up) and it was pretty amazing to see how close the three classes were and how much faster they got as the day wore on.

Video taken on my phone and the pics on my dinky little point and shoot at maximum zoom.

Pics shown below picked at random from all this lot...


  1. Now that looks fun! Wonder how fast they are going?

    1. Not hugely fast on that circuit. It's all about being able to power (no power = no steering) through the corners and accelerate away as fast as possible. Apparently they can play with different impellors if they want more speed.

  2. I remember when the world champs were held on NZ on the braided incredibly shallow rivers down south. The American champ said he was going to go home and practice by driving up his hose on the back lawn :-)