Monday, April 26, 2021

Anzac Antics

Three years ago I first met Chris as he was completing a special Anzac SS1600k on his R1 and this year he was at it again on Connie #2 while his wife Stella was tackling it on the R1.  And with their route once again coming through Ashhurst, I really couldn't come up with a decent enough excuse not to go out and say hi.

Colin and I both kept an eye on their Spotwalla tracks throughout the day and then Colin went up to meet them at their Levin stop while I got to wait a bit longer before heading out to Ashhurst to meet them there.  My timing was pretty good as when I checked their track after I'd arrived they looked like they were only about 5 mins out and so were soon on the scene with Colin in tow.

After some quick hellos, Chris and Stella had to hustle to take on a bit of fuel and get their evidence dockets and photos sorted while Colin and I just got in the way for a bit.

Synchronised refuelling

Stella is probably pretty good at fuelling the R1 eh Chillertek?

Important stuff done, it was now back into it for Chris and Stella as they were just over their halfway point so still had plenty of miles to ride.

Colin led us out through Colyton to Cheltenham and then onto Vinegar Hill.  I mostly stayed at the back until Stella and Chris waved me through.  Chris later gobbled me up as I was a bit slower with my PR4's having seen better days.

It was a nice we ride through to SH1 in reasonably temperatures and we had a quite stop there to say goodbye to the iron butters before returning back to my place for coffee via Halcombe and Feilding.

Something different to do on a Saturday night and a nice little ride to catch up with Chris and Stella!


  1. Riding an R1 1600km in one day is f#$ken nuts. Mad respect to her. Could she even walk straight by the end of it?

    1. All in a day's work for Stella! Dunno what you complain about!