Saturday, May 29, 2021

Four months later...

 And 6,200km mean the Tenere needs a new rear tyre.  This time around something different showed up.

Shinko E705

Looks a wee bit different to even the worn E-07 eh?

Definitely not as knobbly as the E-07 and it's supposed to be a 70/30 tyre versus the 50/50 that they claim for the E-07.  I figure it might be a good one to have on over winter when the seal is slipperier and the gravel grippier...

Not the first time I've had one either...

On the WR, it was a pretty decent tyre, good on gravel and I even made it across North Range Road only getting stuck once in a really boggy bit.  It then came off the 250 and onto Glen's WR450 and he really liked it too and got some decent miles out of it.  Not sure what the S10's torque will do to it...

Anyway, today off came the E-07.

And on went the Shinko.  Just getting to the trickiest bit here...

And then it's all over:

Sure looks different to those chunky E-07's.  Now to find out how good it is...


  1. I will be interested to hear what you think of it.
    Also, 🦍 man...good effort on the fitting. 😁

    1. I'll tell you in 4 months eh?

    2. I think you'll be mightily impressed with what a "road-hoop" can do, I've gone through quite a few of the 705's over the years (used to get them a dozen at a time from RockyMtnADV in the US at the time), it's still the most capable off-roader of the softroad-hoops out there.
      You guys also used to have access to a slightly more aggro copy of it... Full Bore M-40
      Ran that on a NZ-Rental on the SI for about 6000km on an XT660....MIGHTILY impressed!!
      Happy miles....