Wednesday, May 05, 2021

More blimmin rubber!

 Yeah, as it turns out even the Mouse eats tyres.  The Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T that I put on for last year's Dusty Butt has turned up it's toes after about 4,300km.

Yes, that's right 4.300km!  Some R1 riders get more than that out of a rear!

As usual it's been the boring road miles that have done the damage as the centre of the tyre is the bit that's worn out with plenty of the grippy stuff still left behind on the sides - how boring!

So what to put on?  Well, it appears that there's not a lot of stock in the country of anything much.  I was actually pretty happy with the Motoz as it seemed to perform pretty well anywhere I took it, with it perhaps being less happy on cold, wet tar seal...But I managed to stumble on a D606 (a favourite with WR riders the world over) rear in the correct size on the net so pulled the trigger.

And then I got an apologetic email from the supplier - none in stock.  And so the search continued.  In the end he managed to supply a Desert H/T but in a different width/profile than the old one or the recommended size for the WR.

Looks alright from the side...

The recommended size is 120/90-18 and I'd had a 130/90-18 on but what was on offer was a 110/100-18.  A quick search of the web showed that guys were running these so I pulled the trigger.  It was that or maybe have to deal with the old tyre on the ride we're planning this weekend - but I reckon I'll need decent rubber...

Skinnier and taller but looks the biz

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how the different size will affect the handling but it should actually be better in the offroad grip department.  Probably wear out in about 4k though...

The little bike even got 1.4L of fresh oil and a filter and is now rearing for action - hopefully this weekend...


  1. Wow thats low, does it guzzle heaps of fuel too?

    1. That'd be a no. Sips it even at WOT.

      Quarter of an R1 don't you know...