Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Cutting loose

It's safe to say that we've had some fairly unfriendly weather the last few weekends and I've been too much of a wuss to head out and possibly drown.  But, on Saturday I threw caution to the wind and disappeared mid morning to get in a quick ride on the Mightiest of Mouses...

After pumping 9L of go-juice into the WR I raced a Harley up Tremaine Ave (well, not really, but I'm sure he was worried) and headed for the nearest gravel on Watershed Road.

Once again, the wet weather had left the gravel in great condition and once I got my eye in, the little bike was soon being given the type hard love that it prefers.  And yes, I like that skinnier/taller rear!

Crossing over Valley Road, I got back onto the gravel on Zig-zag road before dropping down into Pohangina via Finnis Road.  This was all part of my cunning plan to tackle that always fun short stretch of gravel on Pohangina Road through to Totara Reserve.  This is always fun whether on the WR or the Tenere.  Look at how much the WR loved it:

Next up was a little bit of seal before the delicious gravel returned for a great little strop through to Makoura Road.

At the river I had planned to get an artistic shot of the best little 250 in the world parked in the river but the river was running a bit higher and there was no nice little beach like there was last time.

Back on the bike, I made my way through to Apiti and then started heading back via Ridge Road.  

Up high, on the ridge I could see some dodgy looking weather off to the South so the little bike was kept busy as we tackled more great gravel.  The BMW GS going the other way surely just saw a blue blur as I whizzed past and was probably lined up at the local Yammy shop first thing Monday morning with his credit card at the ready...

At the Finnis Road turn-off I took the wrong turn (again) which meant that I was off the gravel far too soon and had to "slab" it back into Colyton and then home.  Looking at the tyres I think I must have had the bike in motard mode...

Loving this tyre!


  1. The GS rider probably had his head shoved up his rectum and couldn't see you flying by. Nice little back roads.

  2. Inspiring, used to live in Palmy and know some of those roads, jealous we don't all that much gravel on our door step in Hamilton. Art -Tiger 800

    1. Thanks Art, pop down for a ride sometime.