Sunday, December 10, 2023

2023 NI800 Part 2

Ok, it's been a while since the first NI800 Post and there's a reason for this.

Following our burgers we climbed back into our wet gear and headed back out into the carry on South.  Glen got away on us as apparently his fire needed some company so Colin, Brett and I let him clear the path for us 🚓.

As we pottered through Taihape, I noticed that Glen had only just beaten us as I spotted him getting off his Tenere to open up his garage.  We pulled into the BP for some gas and to say see ya to Brett as he was heading all the way down SH1 while Colin and I made a beeline for my place so I could swap bikes and grab some more gear before carrying onto Colin's place - early ferry in the morning.

Here's where things go a bit wonky...

Colin and I had a good trip down but when we got to the SH1 turn-off South of Levin we were confronted with lots of flashing lights and a cop stopping us to warn of a bike accident and to take it easy.  As we turned the corner I even spotted a bike parked off the side of the road.

Fast forward to the next day and Colin had learned some bad news.  Yes, the rider was Brett.

He had been cruising quietly home at the 80km/h speed limit when a car turned in front of him.  His only memory is something green and then waking up in the ambulance so whether he even saw the car is unknown.

What is known is that the driver was tired (it was probably around 10:30pm) and she was driving to Hawkes Bay.  And of course, she didn't see Brett...

She is now facing a dangerous driving causing serious injury charge but she's lucky.

Thankfully, Brett had some luck on his side and is still with us (and is acting pretty positive giving his circumstances) but he is now facing month's of rehabilitation due to some fairly serious injuries.  But still, it sucks to be him and he shouldn't be where he is right now - a moment's lack of concentration from the driver is all it took.

Obviously this was not the way we wanted the 800 to finish for us and while Brett was in hospital we were heading South again for more fun on two wheels.  ☹️


I started the above post a few weeks back but have been hesitant to post it as it isn't nice subject matter and I might still have been fuming over the drivers actions.

I'm still fuming over the drivers actions but have had some messages and a chat with Brett.  He is still in very good spirits considering and went home about a week ago.  But, he's still got months of healing and rehab to go.  At least he's looking at bikes on Trademe...

Look for bikes!

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