Monday, June 10, 2024

The Project

Ok, so I hinted that I was undertaking a project.  Don't worry, it's not too strenuous and won't stop me riding all over the countryside.  In fact it might very well encourage me to carry on riding all over the countryside...

On the Adventure Rider forum there is a Photos subforum where there are all sorts of threads featuring "your bike somewhere or other" or "your bike next to a" and things like that.  I post in a few of them from time to time but decided to start my own.

Dairy pays for my riding (and the pies) and with about a billion old dairy factories around NZ - I know, I've ridden past a bunch, now I just have to find them all again...

So, I've created the thread (and so far nobody else has shown a lot of interest 🤣) and posted up about four local ones and created a GoogleMap that will hopefully capture a few more old factories over time.

Here's my pics so far (more info in the Adv Rider thread):

Anyway, on yer bike and join in...

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