Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bay & Back

A quick trip to the Hawkes Bay and back this weekend to celebrate Ma's birthday. I left Palmy at about 9am on Saturday morning and had wet roads all the way up. A fair bit of caution was taken as my tyres a pretty poked and are being replaced on Tuesday. I had a good ride all the same until Fernhill where it started to rain and I actually got quite wet coming into Napier.

Fast forward to today and I left Napier in fine weather and had a great ride down Highway 50. Turning back onto SH2 and it was starting to look black over towards the hills. Sure enough, by the time I came off the plains the rain drops were starting to fall. I pulled over and put my wet weather gear on before splashing my way homeward. It was very wet in places and the wind was also quite gusty. Never the mind, the tyres kept me upright and I made it home safe & sound pretty impressed with my tired tyres.

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