Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another cracker

10:30 in the morning and I'm hanging out the washing when I hear a V-twin accelerating up from the corner and then backing off as it nears my house - that'll be Brian then...five seconds later I'm convinced that if I don't saddle up then I'll regret it for the rest of my life...

Five minutes later there's two V-twins heading out of town aiming for Bunnythorpe, Colyton, Cheltenham, Kimbolton, Rangiwahia....

The ride through to Rangiwahia was it's usual fantastic self and the road in pretty good nick given our recent weather. From Rangi to Mangaweka there was a lot more slip damage (normal for this area) so we had to take it easy as we picked our way through the dust and rubble.

In Hunterville we gassed up and had a bite to eat before remounting and heading for Vinegar Hill. Vinegar Hill had also taken a hammering in places and we even had to stop for a moment where a roading crew were attacking a slip. It was still a great ride and after another quick stop in Feilding we pootled home to give the bikes a rest.

Summer is coming and there's riding to be done!


  1. Hahahaha! It's a tough life when you have to leave the washing for a ride! Decisions, decisions....

  2. Oof. I wish our summer were starting up here, it's all but over. I also wish someone would drive up and make me ride... sounds rough.