Sunday, April 24, 2011

NZ Tagorama

Recently the NZ Tagorama Tag came within range and I decided that over the long weekend I'd have a go for it. Initially it was sitting at the Chateau Tongariro so this would have been a good ride and given me a lot of options for the new tag. Unfortunately this tag was nabbed yesterday but the good news was that the new tag was in Ohakea - very near me.

So after checking this morning that it hadn't gone I quickly saddled up and went in search of the Ohakea Memorial Hall (great tag given that tomorrow is Anzac day). Google and my Zumo helped a lot here and by ten o'clock I'd picked up the tag and was on the lookout for a new one.

I had decided that I'd try and stick to the theme and find another war memorial. Firstly I rode through Rongotea but decided that this was a bit close to the old tag and continued on to Glen Orua. In Glen Orua I couldn't find a memorial (didn't look that hard though) so I carried on to Rangiotu and discovered their memorial hall. A quick snap and I was off home as quickly as possible to see if I was first to get the tag.

As it turns out I made it but my tag has already been claimed by some very keen taggers who had gone for the Ohakea tag but then on being informed it had gone, quickly went for and picked up my one. And as I write their tag has gone already...

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