Sunday, April 17, 2011

GoPro Hero HD

Thanks to a post on Kiwi Biker pointing me in the right direction I am now the owner of a GoPro HD video camera. This should be a lot better solution for taking video while riding as not only does it take higher quality video than my current camera, it also comes with a waterproof housing and all sorts of mounting options.

I am a little skeptical of the adhesive mounts that came with it so will probably end up using some sort of Ram mount for a bit more piece of mind. This should also make it a lot easier when swapping from bike to bike.

For my initial test I used the suction cup mount and attached the camera to the tank of the V-strom before going for a pootle. The suction cup is very strong and I think as long as you are careful when sticking it down then it will not let go. I did find that some of the adjusters on the mounts do loosen off a little and the camera ended up nodding a little - maybe I just didn't tighten them up enough.

I will post up some video later with my ride report but in the meantime I'd have to say that the video quality is good and surprising the sound wasn't too bad either. (Although the sound seems to go bad once I've edited and then uploaded the video to YouTube so I've ended up having to add music again).

Looking forward to taking more video from off the beaten track...

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