Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Loop

Prior to leaving to get the NZ tag yesterday Brian gave me a ring and said that he and Chris were off for a ride and did I want to join them. I mentioned that I was just about to tear off and grab the tag so he said he'd leave a note for me so I could chase after them if I wanted.

As it happened when I rolled up at his place they hadn't even left so I've got no idea what was on the note but a fair idea of where they went...

We started by cruising down to Otaki for some fuel and a coffee. From Otaki we kept riding South until turning off to head over Paikok Hill. The roads were wet but it was still a fun ride up to the lookout where we stopped for a minute to take in the view.
On the road again we carried on over the Haywoods and then turned for the Rimutakas. With plenty of cops on the road this weekend (and a 4 km/h tolerance) it was prudent to take things easy, but I still enjoyed the ride up the takas - that is, until I caught a lot of traffic at the road works near the summit.

At the summit there was also a member of the constabulary keeping an eye on things but there was no way we presented any sort of target for him as we puttered on down the other side of the hill.

The next bit of the ride was in slow traffic to Masterton where we stopped for a late lunch. Subway on board it was time to finally get off the main road and take in a bit of Route 52. I really love this bit of road and at this time of the year it is really pretty with the leaves changing colour and all that sort of poetic stuff happening - I can't write it but I still enjoy riding in these conditions...

So, Route 52 was great and after a quick stop in Alfredton to let a certain Harley catch-up we turned off 52 and carried on on more fantastic country roads into Pahiatua. From Pahiatua it was just a brisk ride over the track (hmmm, the DL enjoyed that) and home. Another great little ride and no real sign of the bad weather that had been predicted - mint!

More piccys here.

(PS: Map shows my small loop to get the NZ tag as well as this little jaunt).

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  1. Your comment about finding your friends reminds me of a ride long ago. I sound downright old, don't I?

    I thought I was behind them so I kept speeding up to catch them. Turns out they were behind me. Realized that when I arrived at the meeting place 30 minutes before them.