Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Apiti Scamper

Saturday was the second running of the Apiti Scamper - a charity ride with the Ronald McDonald house as it's beneficiary. The ride was organised by Flynn and his wife and I was able to help out with some product from work and a bit of assistance here and there.

This time around the ride started and finished at the Ashhurst Inn (which turned out to be a pretty good place for all the after ride events) but pretty much stuck to last year's successful format. Rider registration started reasonably early with the pub even offering up cheap brekkie for the riders and the ride itself got under way at 10am.

The route was again the Apiti Loop that is so popular with Manawatu riders and this time around the road was dry and there were only a couple of small sections of road works to keep the riders on their toes. Two quick stops to regroup were added so that all the riders arrived back in Ashhurst at the same time.

By the time the bikes got back the Lions had the Barbies fired up and in very short order a horde of hungry bikers where ripping into some fantastic steak burgers and settling in for the rest of the entertainment.

First up there was a quite a few spot prizes to be handed out and then it was time for the auction. There was a lot of donated stuff up for grabs and the riders were really keen to snap up a good deal with all the proceeds going to the charity. After the auction the crowd thinned a bit and after a bit of a tidy up it was time to get home and stack some firewood...

The ride ended up being even more successful than last year's with around $9,000 raised for Ronald McDonald house - a fantastic effort! I wonder if we can beat that next year?

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