Monday, December 03, 2012

Dam Elevations!

If offended, check title again ;)

Just as a matter of interest I had a wee look at the GPS track and checked out the elevations we climbed to when visiting the dams.  We didn't really get up that high - maybe that fog made it look like we were mountain climbing.

With a bit of mucking around I managed to work out roughly where the dams are and as you can see the picture shows both our trip in and out giving a rough mirror image.

Oh, and lookee what I found on NZ Topo Maps:

View Larger Topographic Map

Incidentally the summit of Whariti is at 920m and we managed to climb to 217m according to the GPS - I wonder how windy it was at the top!

View Larger Topographic Map

Bored yet?


  1. Cool. It is neat to see the map and gps track and see that the dams are pretty close to the same in elevation. I would have thought you were doing a lot more climbing too.

    1. Yeah, I had thought that we did a bit of climbing too. I guess we did about the same amount of descending...

      I think it's also easier to determine climbing from descending on the videos too.