Monday, December 17, 2012

Hunting Season

Yes, with the recent arrival of some better weather there has been a little action on the tag hunting front.  After a massive 195 days my old tag finally got nabbed.

World's hardest to find tag
Pegasus was the successful hunter and here's her new tag:

I knew where it was straight away so thought that a quick pootle after work was in order.

And then I turned around to head back to where I'd noticed something pretty cool for the next tag:

I then headed home pronto to do some uploading only to discover this on the tagorama thread:

But much worse than this I also found this:

So no tag hunting on the DL for a little while!

But I bet even my favourite international readers know where the tag is currently...


  1. Photo tag games can be so much fun. The one around here has slowed down with the crappy weather.

    That last picture sure looks familiar, but I am not good at remembering the names.

    1. Oh no, I thought you paid more attention than that ;)

  2. Cool Bike...

    From Indonesia