Sunday, December 02, 2012


Yesterday was the annual Central Districts Toy Run and this year Brian, Linda, Chris and I were able to bring along a newbie with us - Daniel on his mighty Keeway Super Shadow!

250cc of awesomeness
Dan's been riding for about two years and this was his first group ride.  We started off with a quiet cruise over to Feilding where we had lunch while waiting for the rest of the riders to turn up.

Future Connie rider
The ride itself was just a roundabout ride back to Palmy - instead of the usual 20 km it was more like 70km.  Plenty of time to catch the mighty Keeway in action.

The ride ended at a local watering hole where we handed over our toys and were able to purchase a badge and a sausage.

Got a couple now...
So Dan's got his first badge and is keen for the Coast to Coast next weekend...

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  1. Tis the season for toy runs. There have been a few around Oregon lately too. It is always neat to see the toys hanging out on the backs of bikes.

    Kudos to Dan for hanging out and riding with the big bikes. Been there, done that on my Suzuki TU250. And he made it through his first group ride too. Yay.

    I like the tree badge. I've never seen or heard of one for a toy run. Pretty cool.