Sunday, December 02, 2012

BRR December Ride

After yesterday's great weather it was a bit of a bummer to awake to blustery and wet conditions.  But there was a ride on...

Once I'd loaded the bike I saddled up and rode out to Ashhurst where I was soon joined by four other brave souls (including two Colins).  Our first stint took us through the gorge and then to the climb up to Whariti - unfortunately we never made it!

As I mentioned before it was fairly windy and further we climbed the hill the worse it got.  I was in the lead and just before a tight right hander I got absolutely hammered by the wind.  Rather than go on I stopped.  Colin pulled up behind me and he too thought it was too bad to go on.  The video below shows our ride up and then the efforts in turning big Adv bikes around on a steep hill in hurricane (well, I'm pretty sure of that) force winds...

This kinda sucked because this is the second time I've tried to go up Whariti on the DL and had to turn back because of the conditions.  I have however ridden a road bike up there - my old GSX750F.

Back down the hill the team (minus one who had had enough of the weather) rode through Balance and over the track and then made our way down to Shannon.  Here we pulled off the main road and headed for the hills.

I was really looking forward to this as I'd heard a bit about the "dams in behind Shannon".  The dams are reservoirs for the small Hydro power station that you can see at the start of this video.

There's a dam there somewhere
The roads we were riding on were really in good nick with plenty of grip except for just the odd slippery clay bit.  A bit of a bummer about all the fog.

Dam No 2
Nice when the fog clears a bit

Fog's back
After checking out the last dam it was time to turn around and retrace our steps back to Shannon.  This was a blast although I had the dreaded visor/glasses fogging issues again and even had to stop once to give my glasses a quick wipe.

Once back in Shannon it was time for a quick bite before saying goodbye to the guys and then battling the wind with Africa-Twin Colin back to Palmy.

Not the best conditions but still a great little ride.  Definitely heading back to check out those dams again in better weather - should be some great views in clear conditions!

More pics here.


  1. It is nice to see the cool weather actually. We are getting fried in Oz this weekend. On the plus side, you guys should have some great weather for riding next week.

  2. Wow, that wind and turning the bike around on the hill did not look fun, good job keeping it upright.

    The fog sure looks cold too, seemed to get thicker the higher you climbed. I bet the views from the dams are amazing on a clear day.

    1. I don't think it was that cold - although there was the odd spit of rain about - hustling the DL around keeps me pretty warm.

      Plans are afoot to revisit the dams...

  3. Yuck, cold wet fog and if it isn't foggy it's windy. Double yuck. We are hunkering down here getting ready to hibernate for the winter and without commuting everyday I'm that much more reluctant to go out in it. Looking forward to your more warm, sunny seasonal photos.
    Way to turn the Strom around in the wind and a hill, I'm just stupid enough to have rounded that corner battling the wind to look for a wide spot.

    1. Not too cold but yeah, fog sucks! Don't worry I'll get plenty of riding in for you!

      I seriously doubt that I would have made it around that corner - it was that windy! I reckon I would have ended up in the drain/bank on the other side of the road. Just as a matter of interest, a lot of the turbines up there were shut down due to the high winds.