Saturday, May 31, 2014

BRR Waikaremoana/Motu Assault Day One

Just a quick blog from the road - more when I get home.

525km of great riding today. The day started early with a chilly ride up to Napier to meet up with 9 other gravel riding adventurers.

From Napier we tookna very slippery gravel (no, not gravel - mud is a better word for it) road over to Tutira. We than rode in light rain to Raupaunga before taking some more muddy but fun roads across to SH38 and the run into Waikaremoana to check out the lake and have a quick bite.

Then we were off again towards Murapara. We had a few stops along the way for pictures and then one slightly longer one as we had a puncture to fix on one of the bikes. This put us a little late into Murapara but luckily the gas station was still open. Our last leg took us in the dark to Whakatane for the night.

More great gravel on the cards tomorrow...

Coincidentally this was the May picture from my Calendar at work


  1. What's with the typo?

    1. Having to contend with an unacceptable level of technology...

  2. Sounds chilly, but great fun.

    Did you trick any BMW riders into getting muddy?