Sunday, January 28, 2007

2007 Woodville Motocross

The last weekend in January and it's time for the Woodville Grand Prix where New Zealand's top motocross riders and generally a few overseas names come to play in the dirt.

The day was a bit grey when we left Palmy and we even had to ride through some light rain and wet roads to get to Woodville. We timed it just right as when we arrived the rain disappeared and the first race began. I won't bore you with all the details (get a magazine) but it was good to see Darryl King clean up in the 250 class although he had a battle on his hand in the 500 races.

Another highlight at Woodville is the river race where a creek is used as part of the track. Hard case seeing all the bikes disappearing in big splashes and then having to battle their way through holes etc with no visibility. Both river races were won very convincingly by Paul Whibley - didn't get a picture of him through the tidal wave.
All in all another good day sitting in the sun watching motorbikes being thrashed around a track and to top it off a quick blast of the Pahiatua Track to cool off a bit.

More pictures:

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