Monday, January 22, 2007

Wings Over Wairarapa

This weekend Wings Over Wairarapa was held at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton. A good excuse for a ride and the second time I've been to this event. Friends Brian & Linda didn't take much convincing either and Brian organised his brother's GSX-R for the ride.

With the weather predicted to be good all weekend we decided that Sunday was the day. Trouble was the weather never does as it's supposed to and we got up to a pretty grey and drizzly day. We headed off into and stopped briefly in Woodville to have a cuppa with my folks in their camper. They had been to the show the day before and gave us a bit of an idea of what we were going to see.

When we left them it was still raining and we were wondering what the weather would be like in Masterton. We shouldn't have worried as by the time we got south of Eketahuna the sun was starting to poke it's head out and we arrived to a nice but slightly cloudy day in Masterton. We also arrived to the sight of the Corsair and Polikarpov buzzing the aerodrome as well - a great welcome to the show.

After a quick bite of lunch it was time to find a place to park our bums and watch the show. The show was great with something always happening. The only downer for me was the battery going flat in my camera with still plenty of show to go. Highlights for me were the WW1 aircraft, the Polikarpov, the airfield attack & defence and at the absolute top of the list the Mustang - you just can't get enough of that Merlin sound!
See more of Brian's and my pictures here.

After the show we headed off in heavy traffic (sweating it up big time) back home and what do you know - by the time we hit Eketahuna we were into the drizzle again. Wet roads all the rest of the way back and quite windy in the Gorge. Great day though - maybe I'll get back to Wanaka one of these days...

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