Saturday, January 27, 2007

Palmy - Apiti - Pohangina Loop

A nice day again today in Palmy (forecast wrong again) so after doing some chores and walking the dog it seemed like a good idea to go for a blat.

I decided that I was keen for a decent ride so picked the Pohangina Valley. I left home and headed on over through Colyton and then from Cheltenham on towards Apiti trying hard to keep the speed down on those big huge straights. Waved to a guy I know on a M109 going the other way.

Doing this loop clockwise is always best as you get the boring stuff out of the way first before hitting some great winding roads towards Apiti and the nearly all the way back to Ashurst.

A few sections of roadworks either side of Apiti but all signposted so no worries there. Only two surprises on the ride: 4 sheep on the road in one piece and then dropping into one corner and finding gravel all over the road.

Coming up to the turnoff to Pohangina I started reeling in another guy and eventually caught him up just after Totara Reserve. He was riding one of the new Triumph twins and as soon as he saw me he nailed it. Had a bit of fun following him into Ashurst.

Came back home through town hanging out for a big cold drink. A good little ride of about 150km taking approx an hour and a half. Hope the weather stays good - hoping to go across to Woodville for the motocross tomorrow.

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