Thursday, August 16, 2007

3P's. Pahiatua, Pongaroa, Porangahau

Headed out for another ride yesterday. Left Palmy on a cool but sunny morning. Headed over the track to Pahiatua then turned right at Mangatainoka towards Pongaroa.

The first 10k's or so were good going, but I could see I was going to cope some weather further east. Sure enough it wasn't long before I was riding on wet roads with a few showers every now and then. It stayed this way for most of the day. I had to be pretty careful, road conditions weren't great and the rain made things worse.

Got stuck behind a stock truck at one stage so pulled in at Pongaroa for a toilet stop and to clean my visor. I then pressed on to Weber and turned right towards Wimbledon and the coast. Hoping for an improvement in the weather, but it never came.

At Wimbledon I turned left and on towards Porangahau. Here I shot out to check out the beach. Having never been before I thought it was worth a look. After a short stop I was off again heading for Waipukurau.

My orginal plan had to be head home from here but I was enjoying myself too much so I decided I had enough gas to get to Havelock North. I was off through to Waipawa and off the main road onto Middle road which runs straight onto Havelock.

By the time I reached Havelock I had done 310k's on my tank of gas so stopped to refuel man and machine. Then I was off again out through Bridge Pa and onto Highway 50 heading south. Two hours later I was home again.

A good trip I was away for just over 6 hours and 488km. Just a warm up for the Grand Challenge.

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