Monday, August 13, 2007

Good clean fun

Well after getting my hands on a shiny new Concours last week and knowing that I wouldn't be riding it this last weekend I wasn't that enthused about getting in the car and driving up to the 'naki - it's just not the same.

Anyway, once up on the farm it was good to catch up with my sister & her husband. Being in the Dairy industry myself it was cool to be able to go and have a poke around on the farm and pretty soon the dog & I were off doing cool stuff like chasing cows around on a motorbike.

The mighty steed that was entrusted to me was the blue yammy in the picture. As you can see, it was not quite designed along the lines of the Concours or a Bandit so I was going to have to be careful and take it easy.

Entering a mucky race and riding down a small muddy hill I was immediately made aware of a significant difference between the yammy and the Concours. Worn out drum brakes cannot really be compared to triple disc brakes & ABS. Nevertheless, I made it safely down the hill and proceeded to help Stu & the dogs get some cows in.

Now for the tricky bit - getting back up the hill. Stu had no trouble blasting up through the mud on his quad so off I went after him. I chose third gear & plenty of revs. Now, here's where the Concours's 115kw and 190 section rear tyre (not to mention 280kg weight) wouldn't have really helped - no amount of power can substitute for grip.

Pretty soon the old knobbly was clogged up with gunk and I started not going anywhere - a quick down change didn't help either. So it was off the bike and running beside it with it revving it's little head off. A bit of help from Stu and we were up - shouldn't really be sweating when riding a bike should ya?

Anyway, all good fun and I got to do a fair bit more over the couple of days I was on the farm. Hopefully be a different sort of riding this weekend...

PS: did you notice the overalls? Rolls-Royce - only the best will do!

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