Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Arvo

Well yesterday's wee jaunt (great that it was) really only just got me in the mood for more riding so with the weather still good a Sunday arvo ride was on the cards.

I decided that it'd be nice to head out the back of Kimbolton and onto Rangiwahia and Mangaweka before coming home via Vinegar Hill. Got the boring bits of Fielding to Kimbolton out of the way pretty quickly and then it was onto the good stuff. From Kimbolton to Rangiwahia there's hardly a straight bit of road so it's fun, fun, fun.

The road was in pretty good nick considering we're only just starting to come out of winter though it always demands a bit of care. There is often mud and gravel all over the road as you sweep around a corner and can also be stock.

Got a few spits coming out of Rangiwahia but the rain held off so I could get a couple of snaps just before Mangaweka. Leaving Mangaweka it actually started raining and then the bike's fuel warning (lights, flashing displays on LCD etc) came on. I wasn't sure if I'd make it back to Fielding on 4L so I carried onto Hunterville and gassed up.

From Hunterville it was just a quite ride home with quite a few bikes heading North after obviously being at the racing at Manfield. A few other little scuds of rain came through but nothing to really make you wet and a quick blast out to Rongotea before heading home.

Nice little squirt and only 240k's to go to the first service - bike is going great!

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