Sunday, September 09, 2007

Any Excuse

Mark gave me a ring this morning from Taupo and said that he would be taking off back to Palmy in about half an hour and did I want to meet up somewhere on the road? Well, ok then. So off I went.

A pretty good day weather wise with just a bit of wind in some places to knock you around a little. I ended up meeting up with Mark & Shelley at Waiouru just as they had pulled up to get gas. Had a wee ride on Mark's Bandit back to Flat Hills just to reminisce a bit. A quick stop for lunch and then back over Vinegar Hill and home. This gave me about 630k's for the weekend.

Also got my best mileage to date on the Concours. I filled up in Taihape yesterday, did Waioru-Ohakune-Wanganui-Palmy and back to Taihape again on 20L. This was a distance of 336k's and gave economy of 6.1 L/100km. Good to know that the bike can do the required (by me - don't want to be stopping every 5 mins for gas) 300km to a tank easily.

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