Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Weekend Away

Shelley and I had had a jet boating trip booked in Taupo for a few weeks. So with the forecast looking ok I managed to talk her into going on the bike. She was a bit nervous to start with as this was to be her first long trip.

With the gear packed we were ready to go just after 9am. We headed out via the usual route through Vinegar Hill. Andrew had decided to tag along some of the way with us too. After a few spits of rain but nothing to get things too wet we pulled into Taihape for some gas and a cuppa. Shelley was getting into the swing of things by now all be it a bit chilly.

We continued North and left Andrew at Waiouru, where upon we attacked the Desert Road. It was pretty much a trouble free section and we pulled into Turangi for an early lunch.

After lunch we cruised through to Taupo and checked into our motel. Then headed off for our jet boating excersion.

Next morning we had a cooked breakfast in Taupo and phoned Andrew to meet us at Waiouru for the homeward trip.

Once again we had good weather through the Desert Road and pulled into the Caltex at Waiouru with 300k's showing on the trip meter for that tank. While we were getting petrol Andrew pulled in. Good timing.

We swapped bikes so I could have a ride on the Concours and headed for Flat Hills for a cuppa. After a quick stop it was back over Vinegar Hill and home.

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