Friday, January 18, 2008

10,000k's old today

Yep the bike's getting older - we're into 5 digits.

To celebrate she's getting new tyres next week. The rear is still original although pretty thin through the middle. The front is a second hand one from off my old Bandit has still got a few k's in it but I want stick a matched pair of Pirelli's on and see how they go.

Still to come is the top-box mount - on order but needs to be here for the Mini's Return in march. Will be good to be able to just take a top-box on short rides rather than having to fit both panniers. After this she's pretty much all set-up. The only thing that needs doing is a bit of a tidy up after it's fall. Still unsure if I'll fit a different muffler but could perhaps see myself getting some "gadgets" for it.

It's been great getting to know the new bike and now I'm enjoying my riding even more - it's one great bike!

Some other milestones today:
  • 1st kill - a bird at about 1**km/h
  • Best economy ever - an amazing 5.13L/100km. (Gives a good indication of the traffic conditions and pace we were riding at today). Average economy over total mileage is currently 6.02L/100km but I can see this dropping as it is regularly under 6. The economy took a while to come down (probably 3,000km or so), whether this was the bike taking a while to run in or the rider learning to ride it properly I'm not sure.
  • Off-road riding - parking in a paddock at the A1 GP.

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