Sunday, January 06, 2008

Round the Block

Gotta a phone call this morning.  It was Brian calling from Lindale where he & Linda were just polishing off their brekkie.  They'd headed down early and were going to take a quiet ride around the bays in Wellington so invited me down to join them for the ride back.

I quickly got myself sorted and headed off.  There was quite a bit of traffic on the roads and in some places it was crawling.  Also, although the day was a bit cloudy it was very hot.  I made a quick stop for gas in Otaki and carried on into Wellington.

After nearly being taken out by a car I finally met up with Brian & Linda outside Wellington Motorcycles.  We hummed and harred over where to head off and in the end decided to head for the Hutt and come home via the Rimutakas.

At the base of the takas we stopped at the Kaitoke cafe.  Had a really nice lunch but it was spoilt by the pitbull running the place who didn't seem to mind if she ripped into the staff in front of the customers.  I think her main problem is that the staff could not read her mind and she sure let them know when they got it wrong.  Won't be going back there in a hurry...

After a bit of fun over the hill I stopped for Brian & Linda and then slotted in behind them for the ride home.  Just before Masterton we were treated to the sight of a WW1 triplane staggering around the sky - one of Peter Jackson's toys perhaps?

Another quick stop at Eketahuna so Brian could top up his tank and then we were off home via Mangamire and the Pahiatua track.  Got home sometime after 4 and was happy to get out of my hot gear and put the bike to bed.  Nice little ride of just over 300k's.

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