Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Newbie Ride

Another day off and another ride, oh damn. Today's ride was organised by Chanceyy and it was intended as a quiet ride suitable for new riders.

The ride kicked off in Ashhurst and when we left there were something like 18 bikes as I led them into the Pohangina Valley (just doing as I was told - honest). I kept up an easy pace and eventually some bored of it and passed for some fun.

Always a nice ride through the valley - great scenery and great roads. Only one little rear end slide for me coming off a one lane bridge and I won't mention Stupy's brief off road excursion.

As this was a ride for the newbies we stopped frequently to make sure everyone was ok and had riders stopping at intersections to give directions as well as a tail-end charlie. This worked well and we never had to wait long or go looking for lost newbies.

After turning off at Pemberton we headed through to Ohingaiti via a road I had never been on (see above pic). This was a great ride and there was some great scenery to take in. We quickly got off State Highway one and took in some back roads which eventually got us into Hunterville for lunch.

After lunch we took in some back roads to Marton before returning to Fielding via Halcombe. There we all stopped for a drink before making our separate ways home.
All in all a nice way to start the new year off.

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