Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday Nite Ride

I finally managed to get to a Friday Nite Ride and we finally managed to get the triplets together!

Yep, it took some planning - like riding into work with all my riding gear stashed in my panniers and...well, that's about it. It was pretty tough looking out the window at work all day and seeing 2 Connies all loaded up but going nowhere but somehow I managed to get some work done and by about 20 past 5 Brian & I were both ready for the ride.

We headed on out to Ashhurst where we were the first to arrive. Pretty soon others started arriving including Connie number 3 with Meanie being pretty keen to check out Brian's muffler. By the time we left Ashhurst there was about 16 of us with about 5 learners on their 250's.

From Ashhurst we had quite a blast over the sadle before regrouping on the Woodville side and then heading off through to Balance. From here it was another quick squirt over the track into Pahiatua where we all needed a cold drink.

After our pitstop we returned via Mangamire & the Track before regrouping to chat about the ride and then go our separate ways. Not a bad way to finish up the working week...

More pics here.

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