Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taupo Loop

Had a nice wee ride yesterday with Brian and Beth from work. We took the two Connies up Highway 50 to Napier. Had a cuppa in Taradale before tackling the Napier-Taupo road - one of my favourites.

The day just got hotter from Napier on and the Napier-Taupo road still has a lot damage to it due to the tar melting and being ripped up by trucks. A bit of care needed in some places but otherwise a great bit of road.

We got into Taupo at about lunch time with Brian's bike running on fumes. We had a bite to eat and then finally refueled with Brian's bike taking over 21 litres to fill so he did not have a lot to spare.

From Taupo it was a quite cruise around to Turangi and then on down to Waiouru. Naturally there were two cops on the Desert Road - the only ones we saw all day...

South of Mangaweka we turned off just before Ohingati and took in the back roads (avoiding quite a bit of stock on the road) back to Palmy. A lot of fun to be had out there with some great winding roads and then some huge straights coming into Cheltenham and Fielding. Got back at just after 4pm after a great day out and nearly 600km's put onto the bike.

More pics here.

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