Sunday, February 24, 2008

NZ Superbike Champs

Meet up with my old man in Fielding today to take in some of the racing at Manfield. Great to see some bike racing again after watching the V8's go at it last weekend.

Most classes featured some great battles for position and in the first superbike race the lap record was borken nearly every lap and eventually was dropped by around 1.5 seconds - they were really smokin! Even the 125's were having a ball and only 10 seconds behind the superbikes in terms of lap times.

The 600 class was really awesome with a great battle between Suzuki & Yamaha going on for the top position. It was a real shame in the first race when the Suzuki rider came off (after avoiding a back marker) handing the win to the Yamaha - until then they'd really been at each other's throats. The 2nd race was just as good!

The first Superbike race was also awesome with Andrew Stroud attacking hard and managing at one stage to take the lead but then loosing it again. He never gave up either although he may have buttoned off a bit once they started making their way through the traffic. Didn't see the 2nd race as Dad had to head off back to Napier but had a great time while I was there and the camera got a real workout!

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