Sunday, August 31, 2008

Charity Ride

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better and both days of this weekend have been rain free!  I didn't get out on the bike yesterday but today had the chance to head over to Wanganui to participate in a Charity Ride (raising funds for child cancer) organised by the local Triumph owner's group.

As this was only to be a short ride both Brian & myself left the Connie's in their respective sheds and I broke out the Honda while Brian pinched his brother's GSX-R1100.  We headed off from Palmy just after 8:30 and took it quietly on the main road over to Wanganui - me keeping an eye on the fuel gauge as I'm still not sure about the ultimate range of the VTR.  In the end I made it to Wanganui ok (after the fuel gauge had dropped to it's last mark) and put in just under 14L.

We had a quick drink in town before heading to the Caltex service station where the ride was leaving from.  There were already a heap of bikes there and upon registering I was about the 95th rider to register.  In the end I would say that well over 100 bikes attended - the nice day must have helped!

Leaving Wanganui we made our way back towards Palmy on the main road before turning off into the Turakina Valley.  There's some great roads out the back here (although watch for the one's that turn into gravel) and we even took a couple that I had not ridden before.  Eventually we popped out onto the main road just south of Ohingaiti where the ride ended for lunch and prize giving.

Brian, Chris and I disappeared straight away and headed on up to Flat Hills for some lunch before returning to take a left just before Ohingaiti and head over to

Pemberton before heading home via Kimbolton etc.  The road through here was pretty good considering the foul weather we've been having but there were still plenty of places to watch for gravel - not to mention two slips across the roads.

The ride back from Pemberton to Kimbolton was truly awesome with me tagging in behind Brian for a while before eventually passing him just before Kimbolton.  At Kimbolton we stopped briefly to wait for some cyclists to go past and from here on I was lucky enough to bring the GSX-R home.

Fantastic to have the good weather back - looking forward to some great spring riding!

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